One-on-one healing

I am an intuitive healer, certified master in Usui and Kundalini reiki, Diamond reiki, crystal healing, and Inner Chakra healing. My intention in all sessions is to use my intuitive gifts to help you remember your Self and embody your own divinity. Please contact me if you have questions about what kind of session would be best for you.

Session offerings

  • Kundalini Reiki session: $33 for 20 min
    • In this distance session, I can be a conduit for kundalini reiki, diamond reiki, reiki to heal birth trauma, past lives, karmic bands, or any specific physical, emotional, or situational issues that need healing. You can choose if one of these calls to you, or we can intuitively see what comes up in the session.
  • Energetic tune-up: $33 for 20 min
    • In this distance session, I tune in to your energetic field remotely and apply the energetic techniques my intuition guides me to give. This can either be a live call, or you relax or sleep while I work with your energy and I give session notes afterward.
  • Daily energetic boost and clearing: 11 minutes sessions each morning for 5 days ($55), 7 days ($77 ), or 11 days ($121).
    • Each morning I tune into your energy field, clear any energy that is no longer relevant, and give you an energetic boost with either reiki, crystal, or other tools I’m guided to use. You can be awake or asleep during the session. I send session notes each day.
  • Soul remembrance: $111 for 1 hour
    • In this distance session, on a call or on Zoom, we discuss what you feel called to receive help with, and I use some or all of my healing techniques to help you remember your Self and your own innate gifts.
  • Soul remembrance package: Four 1-hour sessions for $333 (a 25% discount). The four sessions must be used within one year of payment.

Contact me to set up an appointment!