As a scientist, yogi, healer and communicator, I have a unique perspective when it comes to helping others. In all of my offerings, it is my intention to provide subtle, yet practical tools that will support your expansion and help you remember your own divinity.

Embody Your Royal Courage

On August 8 we experience a unique arrangement of Sirius—our spiritual Sun—in relation to Earth and have the opportunity to integrate even more Light. In the heart of Leo season, this alignment is known as the Lion’s Gate Portal. During this time we are invited to connect with our heart center, our elemental courage, and our inherent royal divinity. After this summer’s triple-eclipse, the 8/8 portal is ramping up to be a big one!

In this session, with the help of our Council of Light and Guides, we will call in the light from this dynamic astrological alignment to embody our intrinsic royal courage. I’ll also work with Reiki energy to help you integrate the light. Let your innate lion/lioness free! 

We will gather on Zoom August 8 at 7 PM (PDT) for meditation and energetic clearing to make space for more light integration. Then we will turn off the devices and gather on the quantum field—where space and time is meaningless—for the rest of the hour as you lay down and open yourself to receive the healing and activation. If you can’t be present for the meditation, you will have access to the recording later. The recording will also serve as a beautiful clearing and energetic activation tool you can use daily.

  • $22 per person

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